Pros and cons of Liquor Ban in any Region/State

Pros and cons of Liquor Ban in any Region/State: Moderate alcohol use is not harmful; nonetheless, alcohol abuse is a significant risk factor for early health problems, and it is a nuisance and a waste of society’s resources. Because of this poor people spoil their health and make the country sick for future generations. It is the government’s responsibility to prohibit them when anything is abused in any civilized community. Although banning liquor can bring many improvements and benefits to society and particular regions/states, and have many disadvantages too.

The advantages and disadvantages of a liquor ban in any region/state:

Pros and cons of Liquor Ban in any Region/State
Pros and cons of Liquor Ban in any Region/State

Pros of Liquor Ban

  • Prohibiting alcohol has several substantial societal benefits, it may reduce domestic violence in society, particularly against women. The primary goal of this initiative was to reduce crime against women.
  • Alcohol prohibition means people with no mental or physical health difficulties can have meaningful lives. It improves personal interactions among family members.
  • The ban has rendered alcohol prohibitively expensive due to piracy. This has resulted in a decrease in alcohol consumption.
  • Non-alcoholic driving reduces the incidence of traffic accidents in the state. Highways and road accidents have decreased dramatically.
  • Because liquor prohibition limits and prevents alcohol addiction, this specific addiction may easily destroy people’s life, including their jobs, friends, and families.
  •  Liquor prohibition improves general public language and discipline since no one can drink in public, there is no more crazy activity on the roads, and no one can make crude remarks about inebriated women.
  • According to alcohol addiction research, a high number of children from alcohol-abusing families face problems such as loneliness, guilt, fear of abandonment, low self-esteem, and depression; alcohol prohibition can help to solve these issues.
  • The excessive use of liquor owing to a lack of education and awareness was negatively affecting the lifestyle in several states in India; thus, a liquor prohibition in such an area or state will provide additional advantages.
  • The liquor ban is advantageous to this population since it significantly reduces the number of addictions. It enables people to avoid underlying disorders that might result from alcohol addiction and minimizes the financial load associated with health issues among alcoholics. Persons with alcoholics have a possibility to recover after along problem of alcoholism.

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Cons of Liquor Ban

  • The liquor banned has several drawbacks. This is significant because if someone wants to consume alcohol when it is prohibited, they must utilize unlawful means.
  • People who want alcohol will still be able to buy it or create it, but at a greater price and from less savory sources.
  • Alternative addictive substances, such as drugs, will become more popular, particularly among young people.
  • Liquor will become illegal if it is prohibited. That implies higher prices, fewer quality inspections, and an increase in smuggling. Prohibition will primarily benefit criminal groups by encouraging other illegal activities that will further develop criminal organizations.
  • Thousands of individuals employed in the liquor and restaurant industries will be jobless in that state, crime to make a living, or the illegal alcohol trade.
  • Alcohol sales will result in financial losses for states.
  • State/Region may face huge financial loss of as Bihar after Liquor Ban.

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