Life of an Indian Housewife – Things you should know

Life of an Indian Housewife – Things you should know: An Indian housewife is a married woman who does not work outside the home, but takes care of her children, cooking and storing food, managing daily goods, buying or mending clothing for the family as well responsible for cleaning and maintaining the entire house.

The life of an Indian housewife is loaded with several duties for their homes and family, and they have excelled at it for generations. Typically, Indian housewives have been socialized to become the center of the household’s domestic chores.

Life of an Indian Housewife - Things you should know
Life of an Indian Housewife – Things you should know

 Today, we’ll look at the everyday life of a typical Indian housewife, including her role and responsibilities.

  • A typical Indian housewife gets up early in the morning, goes about her daily routine, cleans the home, and does pooja before sunrise.
  • She prepares at least three meals every day and packs the tiffin box. Make breakfast and tea or coffee for the entire family. Makes a separate breakfast for everyone else in the family who does not enjoy it.
  • She helps children to get ready for school and makes and packs their lunch for school.
  • She prepares and serves everyone’s lunch. Has whatever is left over after lunch after everyone has eaten.
  • She goes about doing laundry and cleaning the house. Folds the clothing that has dried. She makes everyone’s evening snacks and tea.
  • Then she helps children with homework and studies. Prepare and serves everyone’s dinner.
  • When everyone is done, she eats and cleans the kitchen, among other things. Puts the kids to sleep. After everyone else has asleep, she sleeps.

In addition, an Indian housewife is responsible for looking after her husband, parents, and in-laws, shopping for supplies, doing entire household chores, welcoming guests, attending social events, planning religious services, etc. 

The role of a housewife in India is to cook, wash dishes, clean clothes, keep the house tidy and handle family finances. They fetch food, water, and firewood, and look after their children and in-laws. Domestic chores take them 297 minutes every day, compared to 31 minutes for males.

However, as India modernizes, many more women are employed, especially in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, where most women work. Now Indian housewives are no longer limited to household work, the role and responsibilities of an Indian housewife differ from that of a typical housewife, they have established themselves in every field.

 But a typical Indian housewife’s life is to give her time, effort, and attention to the family’s well-being. Taking care of her home is the priority of a housewife, who takes care of every small and big need of the family from the expenses of those months even while living in the house.

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