5 Bollywood Movies Every Woman Must Watch Before She Died

5 Bollywood Movies Every Woman Must Watch Before She Died: Bollywood movies have something for everyone because as much as movies entertain us, they also inspire us which is similar to our real lives. So here we talk about 5 Women-Centric Bollywood Movies, with five different stories of women, one based on Indian culture, the other showcasing the bravery of women, or how a woman deals with various conditions & situations. These films depict the beliefs that every woman is special and women should never be underestimated. They also motivate and even guide women in making real-life decisions. So, here are 5 films that every woman must see at least once in her life.

1. Queen

Queen is one of those rare Bollywood films that present a real story. Queen has captured the essence of today’s young Indian woman perfectly. The beauty of this film rests in its portrayal of genuine emotions. It is based on the life of a middle-class young woman named Rani, who is a simple and homely girl set to marry as the film begins. However, her fiancé unexpectedly changes his mind and ends the relationship because he considers Rani to be too simple for him. Despite her heartbreak, Rani decides to travel on her honeymoon alone. She not only explores the world, but she also discovers herself on a voyage filled with emotions, joy, and experiences.

The film perfectly depicts everything from a scared girl in a foreign land to a strong girl who fights back when someone attempts to mug her. The film demonstrates how, depending on the occasion, a woman can be both powerful and tender. The film gently highlights the gender divide that exists in Indian culture.

2. Neerja

A woman’s bravery, as well as boldness, is represented in this film, which actually happened in real life. Neerja, the movie presents the tale of Neerja Bhanot, a young braveheart who died while saving numerous others in the 1986 Pan Am flight 73 hijacked, recounted real-life experiences.   Neerja was a story of a woman’s bravery to emerge victorious from the most difficult of circumstances. As Neerja, Sonam Kapoor is exquisite, and this film will undoubtedly revolutionize her acting career.

3. Pink

Pink brought up an important and timely societal issue- the necessity of consent. Minal, Falak, and Andrea are three young and self-reliant women who star in Pink. Pink is a powerful reflection of most of India’s feudal culture, which treats men and women differently.

The movie informed the country that when a woman says NO, it means you can’t compel her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, and that it is not something to be taken lightly. Amitabh Bachchan plays a lawyer who represents women who are involved in a legal battle with infamous young men from powerful families.

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4. Dor

The film Dor depicts the situation of a young widow who is forced to give up everything after her spouse passes away. The film shows the predicament of widows in India who are compelled to live as slaves after their husbands die. Another lady becomes a friend to this widow, who lets her enjoy her life and smile without fear. The widow makes a courageous move and flees from her life of slavery to freedom.  Overall, the film represents precious lessons about hope, courage, selflessness, and friendship.

5. Mary Kom

Mary Kom is another heartwarming film based on a true-life figure (2014). The film chronicles the life and career of boxing champion Mary Kom, who experiences significant changes and obstacles after marrying and becoming pregnant.

You understand a woman’s powerlessness and grief when she is pregnant amid a successful profession. She is unable to sacrifice her pregnancy and does not wish to give up a well-earned profession. When she had twin sons and faces a lengthy struggle to get back on track. Fortunately, she has a loving and supportive husband who cheerfully looks after the children while encouraging her to return to work. She triumphs over all obstacles and becomes the world’s number one.

The movie shows that when strong women make their presence felt in the country, they take on a whole new way that is emotionally charged, powerful, and incredibly inspirational.

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